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about us

three bent legs is an independent, full-service, systematic. . .

Hydra-matic. . . 


. . . photo house, specialising in brand photography and digital content.

We guide your project from the moment of conception to delivery. We are the rosy-faced midwives to your creative vision.

three bent legs is owned and run by Vittoria and Alex - two two-legged creatives from Sydney. We’re the cheeky little cherubs you see above.

How did we get here? We were dissatisfied with the creative possibilities within traditional media companies. So we started a company that we could run with our own creative flair.


We’re peacocks. You gotta let us fly.

We’ve always loved the ‘60s and ‘70s for its playfulness, sense of humour and willingness to be bold (and downright weird at times) that we feel is lost in today’s media.

We like to incorporate retro styles into our work and have fun with nostalgic elements in a modern context. We hope to create an experience that is at once emotional, visceral, engaging, humorous and nostalgic.

We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously (again, we’re the cheeky little cherubs you see above).

Life’s too short not to laugh.

That’s just, like, our opinion, man.

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