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You’re smart.


You know how we know that?


Because you’re here.


Nice one.


You know how important branding and content are, and just how much competition there is out there.


You don’t want to look like everybody else, but you don’t want to alienate your audience either.

You want someone who understand trends but is also a trendsetter and you ended up here.


Did we mention how smart you are?


Sure, we like to take risks and push boundaries, but we also know when to take a step back or shift direction.

You get us and we get you... Let's not be coy about it... Take the leap and inquire now.

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What We Do


Whether your project is big or small, we see art direction as an essential element in creating brand identity. It makes you instantly recognisable to your clients, sets you apart from your competition, and keeps you from getting lost in the shuffle.


It’s so important, we’ve made it one of our core focuses.

We begin by talking to you, learning what’s important to you and what you want your images to communicate to your clients. We research your brand and your competition, and identify what makes you unique.


Then we play with styles, colours, moods and looks, until we’ve found the unique mix that makes you, you. We bring all these elements together and establish an overarching look for your project.


On the day of the shoot, while Alex sets up the lights and lovingly cleans his lenses, Vittoria prepares and styles the sets.
With a background in production design for film, she’s a dab hand at it.

Now all the work of pre-production pays off, everything goes buttery smooth and we’re free to fully explore the creative possibilities as they arise and get you great photos.



We don’t just show up on the day of the shoot.


Bad photography is easy to do, and audiences aren’t all that interested in it.


Good photography, on the other hand, means planning, more planning, clever art direction, creative styling, and planning. And that means pre-production.


Pre-production is where we roll up our sleeves and use a little elbow grease. We gather up and assemble all the elements that we’ll need for your shoot. We’ll be hurrying around finding props, constructing sets, creating any customised design components, scouting locations, finding models, and collecting any extra camera or lighting gear we might need that your project requires.

We spend our time here making sure everything’s in place so that when we shoot we can focus completely on taking great photos.


We do all our own photo editing in-house to preserve our style (which is why you hired us, right?) and ensure consistent quality.

Your images are colour balanced, cleaned of blemishes, and colour graded.

On complex projects, we give your images a more comprehensive photoshop edit that includes detailed retouching and, where required, image compositing.

how it works


You found us, like our work, and want to see if we’d be a good fit? Great! Let us know about your project through our inquiry form.
We’ll be in touch to discuss your project and talk through your goals, requirements, and how we can make it happen.




We design you a customised proposal that establishes the overall look of the project. Once you give us the go-ahead, we get started on pre-production and begin gathering all the pieces.



We run around like headless chickens.
We find locations, build sets, gather props, book your models, and confirm a shoot date.
Phew – finally time to use the camera.




We edit your images. They’re gorgeous. You review them. You’re blown away. We send you your high-res finals via a downloadable link.

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